About Us

Welcome to Kate’s Nest

A proud supplier of accommodation to the international medical services as well as service providers to SOS International, Sonongol and Catoca, we are a fully established guest house with rooms suitable for business, leisure and medical travellers. Kate’s nest also has a cosy dining room that caters for English, Portuguese, Angolan and Mozambican food.  The dining is known for its high quality and rich variety of authentic West African delicacies.

We are situated in Johannesburg South, strategically located with good road network to the airport; the city centre, the southern and northern suburbs, and many of the surrounding shopping centres. We have luxuriously furnished rooms designed to make our guests extremely comfortable.

We are also partner to the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers, assisting with all of the patients needs whilst in recovery.

Accomodation & Lodging

Kate’s nest offers luxuriously furnished rooms which are designed to make our guests feel at home, with our sought after friendly and cosy ambiance making Kate’s Nest a ‘Home away from Home’. We have a range of private rooms which are all en-suite and are all fully self-catering units.

Medical Tourism

Kate’s nest offers health management, logistics and hospitality services in Johannesburg South Africa with our primary target market being neighboring Africa countries. Kate’s Nest evolved and developed out of a dream to make available excellent medical service, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, leaving our clients with a memorable and lasting impression.

We believe that quality, timely and affordable health care should be available to everyone. With more and more people choosing to travel abroad for medical services, we at Kate’s Nest are proud to offer our travellers a place where they can rest, recover and have all of theirs needs taken care of.

For more on our rooms, please have a look at our Rooms Page